UW201 Comfort Long-Sleeve Undershirt for Women



(Outer layer) Acrylic 95%, Wool 5%
(Inner layer) Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 73%, Polyester 22%, Polyurethane 5%


The corrugated weaving used on the outer layer provides a soft and fluffy touch, trapping air at the same time. The inner layer is mainly made of NEORON fiber vaporizing moisture quickly, creating a refreshing and comfortable feeling.


Periwinkle, Camellia (LL only)

Unit Price

Size ML LL
Unit Price RM 900 RM 950
Sales Volume 1,000 1,055

Lady’s Innerwear (Undershirt) / Outerwear

Size S M ML/L LL
Bust 72 ~ 80 cm 79 ~ 87 cm 86 ~ 94 cm 93 ~ 101 cm