NEFFUL Japan was founded in 1973 by Mr.Kamijo Hisami and we have now grown to become a global organization. Sustained expansion continues under the direction and leadership of Chairman, Toshiya Kamijo, and today, Nefful is proud to have more than 800,000 independent distributors situated worldwide. The company, first established in Shizuoka-ken, Japan, a scenic place with magnificent view of the Mt Fuji started a product line of premium quality undergarments with unique body-shaping features in the early years.

Adopting the well-established “home party” marketing model, NEFFUL had grown to include tens of thousands of dedicated customers, many of whom recognized the business opportunities NEFFUL offered and became part of our distributor family. In 1979, the company introduced garments, bedding and accessories that made use of innovative material that transmit negative static electricity · negative ions when friction occurs. The company grew quickly, branching out to Taiwan (1989), the U.S.A (2002), Hong Kong (2005), Malaysia (2006), and Singapore (2010) delivering the same high standards of quality goods and services, and today, we’re pleased to see our products helping millions of people live more satisfying lives.