1.【Members Bank Account】
To those members who entitled for commission for the month of March 2016 please take note! We realized there are still some of the members who haven’t summit their account details. Regarding to this matter, we are unable to proceed to bank-in their commission. According to the regulation of the company, the commission can only be put on trust by the company for two years only. Once it expired and the commissions remain unclaimed, the money shall be considered as abandon by the beneficiary.

Suggestion: Member’s bonus should be directly deposited into their “personal account” to avoid unnecessary worries. For further information kindly contact +6 03-2031 1177 ext 118 Stephanie

2.【Special Buesiness Hour】

Special business hour :

Date: 3rd March, 10th March, 17th March, 24th March (Saturday)
Time: 1.00pm ~ 5.00pm

Remark: Shipment service is not provided on the day/date stated.

3.【Sales Closing Day & Stock Count Day】

Sales Closing Day:

Date: 29-03-2018 (Thursday) all transactions have to be done before 5.00 p.m.

Time: 9.30am ~ 7.00pm

Stock Count Day

Date: 30-03-2018 (Friday) office close

4.【Engaging in the Business of other Multi-Level Marketing Companies】
Starting from 1st July 2015,Nefful Company have added new Nefful’s Rules & Regulation as below:

Prohibited activities include:
Engaging in activities to influence, instigate and/or recruit Nefful current members to join another multi-level marketing company;
Inviting and persuading Nefful current members to attend another multi-level marketing company’s events and promotional activities;
Intentionally putting yourself in a position of conflict of interest between Nefful and another multi-level marketing company;
The Company reserves the right to terminate the distributorship of a member should the member take part in the above activities. In addition to the termination of such member’s distributorship with the Company, the following will also apply:
The payment of further bonus will cease;
The defaulting member will not be allowed to re-apply to join the Company as a member;
All rights attached to the defaulting member’s membership account with the Company will be revoked immediately.

5.【Personal Data Protection Act 2010】
In order to comply with and give effect to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 enacted by the Government of Malaysia, which will come into effect on 1st January, 2013 (Tuesday), Nefful Malaysia will adopt and implement the requirements under the said Act. Therefore, all application for membership with Nefful Malaysia will only be accepted upon the company’s receipt of a duly executed of the prescribed Authorization to Use and Disclosure of Personal Data Form (Malaysia Version), failing which the application for membership will not be accepted for processing by the company.

6.【Members Personal Letter’s】
We have receive numerous members personal letter that sent to company address. Therefore starting from 1st July 2015, we will not accept any personal letter that sent to company. Those letters will be directly return to the sender or been destroy without further notice.

7.【Goods Collection】
Starting from 1st July 2015, Product order need to be collected within 7 days (from the date purchase). Those product that exceed the time will be charge for storage fees. The charges as below:
RM 5 for each KG / per day (less than 1KG will consider as 1Kg)
* Company will not accept any products for storage without prove of Nefful Malaysia Invoice, temporary storage for Personal belonging are also not allowed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

With effect from 1st April 2015, Nefful products & services are subject to GST, in accordance to the Goods & Services Tax Act and related GST laws. Therefore all the product will be based on the new selling price and every exchange procedure will be impose by GST and Members shall bear the difference between old and new price.

9. 【Line Services Discontinue】
Starting from 1st August 2015 (Saturday) onwards, Nefful Malaysia will stop using LINE service. Those Distributor who wish to order, Nefful Malaysia provides several method of order :

Walk in
Fax : 03-2031 1155
E-mail :customer@nefful.com.my
***Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

10.【Warmest Reminder】
Nefful (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is selling all Teviron products which is 100% imported from Japan. Nefful Malaysia is operating the business by Multi Level Marketing and ONLY members are eligible to purchase products from our Company. There are no other branches in Malaysia beside the Company which established in Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, the selling price of all the products is fixed by the Company and members shall follow the price indicated in the catalogue and do not sell the products to others with a lower price or discounted price. Members should be clear that once they breach the rules and regulations, membership will be TERMINATED IMMIDIATELY and prohibited to rejoin as a member for whole life. Please do not accept any special price products that offer by others without Company official invoice, to avoid any losses and membership’s rights.
Nefful products are not categorized as medical product. Hence members are not permitted to indicate that Nefful Company’s products have healing effects while promoting our products. Otherwise, the membership will be terminated and shall bare all responsibility for any loses.
In this solemn statement, Nefful Malaysia does not authorize or instruct others to publicize Teviron commodity has medical effects or video in the Internet. In case of the preceding article or video clips does not belongs to the company, and urged the participants not to refer to the reprint of the preceding article or video as publicity, in order not to violate the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

11.【Courier Service】
We take great measures to ensure that packages arrive to you not only quickly, but in perfect condition. Unfortunately, in rare cases items may be damaged during shipment. Shipment is carried out by third party courier companies / outsourced to third party courier companies. Courier Service Company is responsible for the goods during transportation. Therefore please check the package delivered under your order when the moment you receive it. If any damage is revealed, make claims against Courier Service Company. We are not responsible for any items that are damaged during shipment.
Parcels will be left at courier office for self-collection if no one is around during the time of delivery. We will not resend parcels if uncollected parcels are returned to us, unless you top up for courier charges again.
–Order takes about 1 to 4 business days to reach the destination depending on location.
– All shipment address MUST be complete in full (street, postcode, state and Malaysia contact number.)
– Monday to Friday cut-off time is 4:00pm (Peninsula Malaysia) & 11am (East Malaysia).
– Submitted order is not allowed to change, cancel or hold.