1. Conference room has LCD projector, white board, marker pen, sound system and 1 set of wireless microphone.
  2. Conference room booking is based on application form, booking through phone are not accpet.
  3. Application must be make before 7 days renting the conference room, Nefful have the priviledge for using conference room for meeting or classes’ purpose in advance.
  4. Conference room renting cannot exceed than 1 hour.
  5. Conference Room Renting Application form must pass to counter for process after finish fill up Successful Applicant must clear the fees at Finance department counter before finish using conference room.
  6. Conference room are for Nefful businesses purpose, topics are based on products, priority will be given to members In order to protect both sides benefits, Nefful will be responsible to supervise. If any topics are of scoops( Example: Introduce others companies rules and regulations, products, exchange others company name cards…..etc), Nefful will cancel the applicant membership.
  7. Conference renting times are not company business hours, sorry for the provide make orders, pick up or borrow products services.